New update to CodeTwo Outlook Sync available

CodeTwo Outlook SyncCodeTwo developers have just finished working on several improvements in CodeTwo Outlook Sync, one of our Outlook synchronization plugins. The newest build of the program, version 1.0.9, has successfully passed all necessary tests and is from now on available on our website. Grab it now and update your CodeTwo Outlook Sync for free!

Here is the full list of changes in version 1.0.9:

  • New: Connecting is seen when the computer is attempting to connect to another machine.
  • New: The link to the user manual is located under the Help menu.
  • Fixed: In the edit window showing synchronized folders the current profiles are shown.
  • Fixed: In certain cases the program failed to discover that an item was deleted and restored it to the folder.
  • Fixed: The stability of the peer connection has been improved. In the previous version, online/offline status tended to flicker.
  • Fixed: Names of subfolders were incorrectly detected if the only difference in their names was character capitalization.
  • Fixed: Improvements to User Interface.

These are the minor improvements users requested from us during the past weeks. Thank you for all your bug reports and feature requests guys! For those of you who don’t know CodeTwo Outlook Sync yet, here’s a short walk-through of its features:

See version history for CodeTwo Outlook Sync
How to update CodeTwo software

3 thoughts on “New update to CodeTwo Outlook Sync available

  1. Thanks for spotting the wrong link Kevin. The bug fix you mentioned was included in version 1.0.9. Thank you for letting us know!

  2. Page is referring to Outlooksync, but the link downloads the Exchange Sync setup instead. Try this:
    Hoping v1.09 fixes an issue I just found where a cancelled meeting from a recurring set was restored after sync.

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