Disclaimer and signature management for Exchange 2010 Server

I am pleased to announce the release of CodeTwo Exchange Rules for Exchange Server 2010! We are the first company in the world to create software enabling the central management of personal signatures, company disclaimers and legal notes in Exchange 2010.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010, following the line of CodeTwo Exchange Rules disclaimer products for Exchange, is downloadable from our website and can be ordered online. Equipped with this program, the administrators of Exchange 2010 will be able to configure unified personal signatures and disclaimers inserted automatically to emails processed by Exchange 2010 within minutes. Companies can use this program to increase corporate awareness using the most popular communication channel today i.e. electronic mail. Owing to the advanced capabilities of CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010, messages sent by employees can contain the sender’s photo in the signature, or advertise the company products and services as well as give updates on the current promotions.

Some of you may wonder what the rationale behind this product is if Exchange 2010 finally has a built-in capability to manage disclaimers. Unfortunately the feature of Exchange misses on a number of capabilities, which often make it unfit for professional purposes.

Learn more about the advanced features of CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010, go to the program’s main page.

Download the free version of CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010 to see how easy the management of disclaimers in email message for the whole company and thousands of users can become. The free version of CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010 does not have a time limit and can be used infinitely.

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Download CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010

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