CodeTwo Exchange Rules for Small Business Server 2008 – simple and beneficial licensing

Starting on January 14th, Windows Small Business Server 2008 users can benefit from more favorable licensing terms for CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007, an easy and efficient tool for management of disclaimers in email messages. The price of installing the application on Exchange 2007 varies according to the number of users having their email disclaimers managed. However, we’ve decided to go along with the needs of Windows Small Business Server 2008 users and now they can inexpensively purchase a single license per one SBS server regardless of the number of users. The cost of a license for Exchange Server hosted on Small Business Server 2008 is $ 155. Now you will pay less than half of the standard licensing price, assuming that at least 50 users will benefit from using CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007.

Windows Small Business Server 2008 is an all-in-one server system integrating crucial server technologies (Windows Server 2008, Exchange Server 2007, Windows SharePoint Services 3.0) within a single Microsoft product. An affordable price and simplified server administration makes it a popular choice for small businesses with up to 75 workstations – SBS 2008 supports a maximum of 75 users or devices.

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2 thoughts on “CodeTwo Exchange Rules for Small Business Server 2008 – simple and beneficial licensing

  1. Does this add-on for MES2007 comply with new Canadian CASL?

    Is there a demo to review?

    What is the process to have installed on our SBS2008 server?

    Much appreciated.
    Charles Hall
    Detail Merchandising Inc

    • Hello Charles,

      CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 will help you meet some of the CASL requirements such as including a mailto hyperlink in all your commercial emails (allowing the recipients to easily send removal requests to the person in charge of unsubscribing contacts in your company), or providing clear and up-to-date senders’ information directly under latest replies/forwards. It can also update emails archived in users’ Sent Items folders with the CASL-compliant information that is added on the server level.

      You can download the free and fully functional 30-day demo via this page:

      The installation is carried out via wizard and has to be done on all servers in your organization that run the Exchange Transport service. During the installation the Exchange Transport service is automatically stopped and restarted. More in this article:

      Also, we offer a product called CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO, which will soon allow for full CASL compliance thanks to features such as central email signature control and automatic unsubscribe/opt-out mechanism. In the meantime you can find more CASL related information in this article:

      Best regards,

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