Coconuts and global access to information

I recently watched a program on sharks that focused on their tendency to attack surfers and eat surfboards. Of course, it had not been the first time I saw this problem filmed in a wildlife documentary as these are aired quite frequently on numerous channels. On this occasion I remembered I had heard once that coconuts that hang stealthily under the palm tree canopies could be equally predatory. Don’t be fooled by their seeming harmlessness. Coconuts, just as ticks, wait for the passing people and when the time is right, plunge onto their ‘prey’ from the hideaway, which often leads to serious injuries…

Did you know that coconuts contribute to more deaths annually than sharks? I bet you did not. Are you asking yourself why this is the case now when the access to information is so easy? Probably because so far no person has made a film documenting this coconut threat or written a research paper. But in fact they can pose a greater danger than sharks!

TV and the Internet have become the prime information sources. We use them to shape our worldview, the Weltanschauung if you will, and what is worse we accept this knowledge indiscriminately. We start to believe that the world is just as it gets described in the media.  If something is missing from TV or Internet, we treat it as a marginal phenomenon and not worth our attention. In extreme instances we will simply say it does not exist. We may be more interested in events that take place thousands of miles away from where we live and that normally do not concern us at all and run no chance of influencing our existence now or in the future than in what is happening immediately around us and what creates our reality.

At the end of the day, what makes the surfboard-eating shark more absorbing than the falling coconut if I happen to live several thousand miles from natural habitats of the shark? I live just as far away from falling coconuts. All in all, the coconut thing can well be a hoax. Anyways, I need to go as my favorite TV series is about to begin.

Bye and see you online because remember: The Real Life Is Online!

3 thoughts on “Coconuts and global access to information

  1. We like to jump into ‘somewhere else’ in our mind from time to time.
    Yesterday we had legends and stories told around campfire. Today – Internet news and celebrity culture.
    ‘Somewhere else’ might be more interesting, exciting, making more sense, having logical rules our ‘here’ may lack.

    But it has one major disadvantage – we’re not really there.
    Plus ‘here’ is the only place coconuts taste so good.

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