Archive Exchange & Office 365 mailboxes to PST – CodeTwo Backup updated!

We are excited to announce that three long-awaited features have been added along with the newest versions of our backup tools CodeTwo Backup for Office 365 and CodeTwo Backup for Exchange. Starting from this version, it is possible to:

  • archive mailbox data kept in local storages (also to .pst files)
  • set up a retention policy for items in storages
  • enable email alerts sent by the program


This feature allows you to archive your mailbox data maintained in local storages. We’ve added three new options: Archive, Import archive and Archive to PST.

New features under the Storages tab: Archive, Import archive and Archive to PST.

New features under the Jobs tab: Archive storage, Import archived storage and archive storge to PST.

Perhaps the Archive to PST feature is the most expected one. All data available in storages can now be archived to a .pst file and then opened via e.g. Microsoft Outlook. Using this option, only the most recent version of items will be saved.

While creating this archive, you can set up a retention policy and decide how many .pst archive files are maintained simultaneously e.g. only last 5 files are kept. You can also set up how the program should act when disk space is considerably low.

Set up an archive retention policy while creating a new archive job

There is also the scheduler option available, which allows defining the activity time range for the .pst archive job as well as setting up the recurrence pattern. If you do not use it, you will need to start the job manually.

Set up the scheduler for an archive job

Storage retention

From now on, it is up to you which items will be deleted and when. To have better control over the retention policy, customize the age of items and select specific types of items or folders that will be affected by this policy. Once all configuration options are set up, the program will delete all items older than a specified number of days, e.g. older than 180 days, as well as those of a certain type, e.g. only emails or journals. Additionally, you can set up the retention policy start time by selecting specific time in the program’s settings.

Configure a storage retention policy

Email alerts

Now you can set up alerts in the Alert’s settings under the Dashboard tab and decide what kind of notifications will be displayed and under what circumstances. For example, when there is not enough disk space to create a new .pst archive file, the program will generate an alert and notify you about that via email.

In the Email alerts options section, you need to provide email addresses that will be used by the program to send alerts to.

What is worth mentioning, you will get just one email message with all new alerts collected together into one place. This will prevent the situation when every single alert is sent in a separate email. You can also configure the time range for alerts to be sent “no more frequently than every” e.g. 10 minutes.

Decide what alerts and when will be displayed in the program and sent via email.

Get the newest version!

Use the links below or visit our official product pages to get the latest version of CodeTwo Backup for Office 365 and CodeTwo Backup for Exchange. All current licensed users of CodeTwo Backup solutions are free to obtain this version at no additional cost.

CodeTwo Backup for Office 365 1.2.0
CodeTwo Backup for Exchange 1.2.0

7 thoughts on “Archive Exchange & Office 365 mailboxes to PST – CodeTwo Backup updated!

  1. Archive to a .pst file has a limitation which splits big mailboxes to 10 GB chunks. Please don’t delete my post ( you did it before) and just let your customers know the limitation.


    • Hello Ben,

      Your previous comment (as well as my answer to that comment) disappeared for a moment because of server switches on our side. It is now back (see above).

      Regarding the splitting issue, we aim at informing our customers fairly and comprehensively about program’s features and limits. This is why, in the user’s manual (the PST Archive Job section) we explain why PST archive files cannot be bigger than 10 GB:

      Best regards,

  2. Hello Ben,

    The scenario you have described is designed behavior of the program and cannot be changed. According to our research, PST files larger than 10 GB are not processed optimally by Outlook.

    Best regards,

  3. Export to .pst splits big mailboxes into multiple 10 GB files. Is there a way to configure max file size limit ? Our user prefer to have a .pst file instead of multiple files

  4. The new version adds some real improvements. I suggest changing the alert system to allow for 1 time per day alerts. It looks like the maximum value is 100 minutes. I do not need to receive the alert that often.

    • Hello Dean,

      Thank you for your suggestion! I will pass this idea to our developers.

      If you have any further hints how to improve the program, you can send them directly to our developers via this website:

      All the best,


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