24-hour Customer Support for CodeTwo clients since today!

Have a question to CodeTwo and it’s 3 am? No problem. CodeTwo Sales and Tech Support teams are awake all the time! Since we want to provide the very best customer support services to our clients, we are now available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. CodeTwo’s Customer Support, located entirely in CodeTwo HQ (and nowhere else as we don’t outsource support), is ready to help you via telephone, email and online chat at any time!

We’re available during the following hours:

GMT – Global Mean Time -> Sunday 10pm – Friday 10pm
US Eastern Time (New York) -> Sunday 6pm – Friday 6pm
US Central Time (Chicago) -> Sunday 4pm – Friday 4pm
US Pacific Time (Los Angeles) -> Sunday 2pm – Friday 2pm
Western European Time (London) -> Sunday 10pm – Friday 10pm
Central European Time (Paris) -> Sunday 11pm – Friday 11pm
Gulf Standard Time (Dubai) -> Monday 2am – Saturday 2am
Australia Eastern Time (Sydney) -> Monday 8am – Saturday 8am

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any sales or technical questions. Our support guys are always happy to assist.

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4 thoughts on “24-hour Customer Support for CodeTwo clients since today!

  1. Hi Team,
    Is it possible to fixed signature under reply /forward option through CodeTwo Email Signatures and how to check trial version of this tool and if i pay any amount of during trial version and registration of tanent account


    • Yes, It is possible to place a signature under reply/forward using CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365. You can try out this function in the free trial. The free trial includes all the program’s features for 14 days. You do not have to buy a subscription during the trial period or after it ends. If you choose to buy program after you have tested it, all your settings from the trial period will be kept.
      Please let me know if you have any further questions.

  2. Hi Lisa. Thank you for contacting us. Our Customer Service has been notified about your case and they will be contacting you shortly.

  3. We recently purchased an additional 50 licences to bring our total licence count to 300. However our System Administrator is unsure of installing these licences as he was concerned that if he put the serial number on each Exchange server whether it would put 25 additional licences on each server or 50 on each. He has also said “I cant find what I need, can you email Code two and check with them if that licence key can be used on both our servers to add another 50 to each, as each server has a different licence key for the 250 licences. The other problem is will that code add an extra 50 or will it remove the 250 and replace it with 50?”

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