13 Microsoft Azure experts and resources to follow

Microsoft Azure is one of the most advanced and the most popular cloud computing services. To keep up to date with recent changes or learn how to perform all the magic MS Azure was made for, it is worth to know where to look for high-quality content. We have prepared a list of some interesting and valuable Microsoft Azure Experts and resources to follow if you want to know what’s new in the Microsoft’s Cloud and generally, “how to Azure.”

Popular Microsoft Azure Experts and resources

Microsoft Azure experts to follow

Below, you will find well-known Azure experts and resources. Mind that it is not a ranking – we have just brought together a list of active Azure-related professionals. Follow them to keep up with the newest updates and fresh learning opportunities.

Microsoft Azure Official Profile

If you have not followed it yet, it is a good moment to start. It is your primary source of information on updates and changes in Microsoft Azure. It is updated on a daily basis and covers a broad spectrum of topics. Additionally, the Twitter profile publishes #AzureTrivia every week. It gives all Azure Experts and Enthusiasts a chance to show off their expertise and win some Azure swag.


blog-iconMicrosoft Azure Blog

Chris Pietschmann

Quite a persona in the world of the Microsoft Cloud. He is a Microsoft Azure MVP and the author of the popular Build Azure website. You may want to follow him if you want to know more about the security aspect of Microsoft Azure and development of resilient Apps. Every week, he publishes Azure Weekly – the most recent collection of some interesting publications on the Microsoft Cloud.


twitter-20pxBuild Azure

Michael S. Collier

To quote his blog’s opening phrase, it’s about “Microsoft development, Azure, and more fun stuff.” Fun stuff includes VMs, PowerShell, and JS. So if you are looking for the tools and techniques to use as an Azure developer: visit, follow and stay tuned.


blog-iconMichael S. Collier’s Blog

Martin Abbott

Martin is an Admin and Microsoft Azure MVP since 2016. He is particularly interested in Cloud Integration with Azure and IoT. His blog posts are about Azure Functions and the practical side of Microsoft Azure and its integration. The Slightly Cloudy blog may not be updated very often; nevertheless, it provides some valuable insights for all Azure devs.


Bill Chesnut

Bill is a Microsoft Azure MVP whose favorite themes seem to be BizTalk and Integration. He is an author of the popular BizTalkBill blog and just recently co-authored Integration DownUnder – a Webcast which is like Integration Monday, but set in the Australian/NewZealand time zone.



Glenn Colpaert

Glenn Colpaert is another Azure expert who likes sharing his knowledge on Microsoft solutions, especially in the context of IoT. He is also one of the brains behind the CrazyBizTalk twitter account. That is where you might go if you are interested in BizTalk and Integration, but want to have a laugh.


blog-iconGlenn Colpaert’s blog

Eldert Grootenboer

Eldert is one of the elite Microsoft Azure MVPs. In his blog, he shares his technical Azure expertise. If you want to get some insight on how Integration Patterns work, how to work with the Azure Event Grid or what to do with Logic Apps, the blog is a valuable resource on this and more topics.


blog-iconEldert Grootenboer’s blog

Aram Koukia

He covers a broad spectrum of topics, but the focuses mainly on Microsoft Azure. Whether you want to gain some general knowledge about Azure or just take a look at detailed tutorials, Aram can help you get there. Over the years, the blog has become quite a resource for technical knowledge, so you should certainly take a look at what’s in there.


blog-iconAram Koukia’s blog

Sandro Pereira

He’s an active blogger, a speaker at international conferences and most importantly, a specialist on integration. He’s the author of the BizTalk Mapping Patterns & Best Practices. If that is not enough for you, there is also a long list of Sandro Pereira’s contributions to TechNet Gallery and other technical communities.


blog-iconSandro Pereira’s blog

Wagner Silveira

A Microsoft Azure MVP and the writer of Note to self – a Microsoft integration journal. He is an active member of the Microsoft Azure community; you can see him helping others at MSDN forums quite often. Another way to see his writing is to visit his blog. Read the articles if you want to know more about Azure Functions and Logic Apps.


blog-iconNote to self

Dave Rendon

His blog Wiki Azure is built to help people learn about Microsoft Azure. The blog itself is a collection of Azure troubleshooting and how to articles. Apart from that, it includes a number of links to external resources about Azure, so this is a good HUB for anyone who has just started discovering Microsoft Azure. Although the most of articles at Wiki Azure are in English, some parts are in Spanish only.


Microsoft Azure Experts in Poland

Since we are from Poland, we feel honored to present our local Azure Heroes. They are humble (they even said that they do not deserve to be on this list) but they know Microsoft Azure like the back of their hands, so we feel that they need to be mentioned.

Emil Wasilewski

Emil is a Microsoft Azure MVP who is one of the reasons there is a Microsoft Azure Community in Poland – he brings Azure Experts together and shares his knowledge with other cloud specialists. He is one of the key organizers of AzureDay Poland – a conference which unites most of the Azure specialists in the country. Basically, wherever there are Azure specialists in Poland, Emil is there to lead, teach and discuss Azure-related topics.


Michał Smereczyński

Michał is an Azure MVP and an interoperability evangelist. If you ever had anything to do with Microsoft Azure Community in Poland – you have probably heard of Michał.  He is a leader of Microsoft Azure Group Poland on Facebook, and one of the organizers of AzureDay Poland. The name of his blog says all about the content you can find there: Linux on Azure. So if you are interested in learning how to manage Azure using the penguin, you should check it out.


blog-iconLinux on Azure


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