This software has been discontinued. If you are looking for a way to manage out of office messages for all users in your Exchange organization, try out the Auto respond feature in CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro.

Troubleshooting mailboxes loading status

Once the connection to the Exchange Server is established, the program will load a list of users from the server. If the user’s data was correctly read from the server, a green icon will appear next to that user (Fig. 1.). You can create an auto-reply for that user.

OOOM - Mailboxes loaded correctly.
Fig. 1. Users' mailboxes loaded correctly.

If any problems occur during the loading process, the red error icon will display. Right-click the icon to view the error message (Fig. 2.).

OOOM - Mailboxes loaded incorrectly.
Fig. 2. Users' mailboxes loaded incorrectly.

You can still set up an auto-reply for such a user, but it will not take effect. You will be notified about possible solutions when you click the Submit button to save your configuration (Fig. 3.).

OOOM - Submit changes.
Fig. 3. Possible error reason.

The steps you need to take to troubleshoot the problem depend on whether:

If the error icons appear next to all users, verify the following:

  • Server's name / IP / EWS URL (applies to on-premises Exchange only)

    If the server connection was configured manually (not using the Autodiscover service), click the Connection button on the Administration Panel's toolbar and go to the Server connection step of the Target server connection wizard. Make sure that the server name\IP and EWS URL are correct.​
  • ​​Administrator's credentials

    Verify the admin's credentials entered in the Admin's credentials step of the Target server connection wizard. If the admin's UPN / email address or the password changed after you connected to the server for the first time, the user list will not load correctly.
  • Impersonation rights to all users' mailboxes

    Make sure that you the admin account used to connect to the server has impersonation rights to every mailbox. If not, see how to manually set the impersonation rights via PowerShell.
  • Exchange Online connection

    There might be temporary connection problems with the Exchange Online. In such a case, wait a couple of minutes and click Refresh.

If only some of the users have not been loaded correctly:

  • make sure that the mailbox is active

    Login to the mailbox or send a new email to the respective email address.
  • check the Office 365 license

    Make sure that the user has an active Office 365 license. CodeTwo Out of Office Manager will not be able to access the user’s mailbox if the user is unlicensed.

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