This software has been discontinued. If you are looking for a way to manage out of office messages for all users in your Exchange organization, try out the Auto respond feature in CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro.

Additional features

CodeTwo Out of Office Manager offers additional tools that can be used to filter users and search through the Administration Panel's calendar. These tools are:


This tool is useful if there is a large number of users in your organization and you need to set or edit auto-replies only for some of them. The Filters drop-down menu (Fig. 1.) allows you to search for users using the following criteria:
  • City
  • Common name
  • Company
  • Department
  • Display name
  • Email address
OOOM - Filtering options.
Fig. 1. Filtering options.

After choosing one of the filter options, enter the value into the search box and click the OOOM - Filter's search icon. button. A list of matching users will show up in the Administration Panel's calendar (Fig. 2.):

OOOM - Filter email address.
Fig. 2. Filtering results shown in the Administration Panel's calendar.

You can clear your choice and get back to the list of all your users by clicking the OOOM - Clear filter results button's icon. button (Fig. 3.).

OOOM - Clear filter result.
Fig. 3. Clearing the search results.

Time range

Sometimes you need to view data from an extended period of time, e.g. to check previous absences or find information on the forthcoming ones. Use the Time range option to display all the information in one place (Fig. 4.).

OOOM - Item display range.
Fig. 4. Accessing the Time range window from the Administration Panel.


Note that the time range can be set between 100 previous and 100 coming months. The greater the range, the longer it may take for the items to load.

Go to date

This feature lets you go directly to a specific date. To instantly display auto-replies for a given date, click the Go to date button and pick a date (Fig. 5.).

OOOM - Go to date - calendar view.
Fig. 5. Opening the exact date using the Go to date button.


If you want to display auto-replies for a day that lies outside the time range specified in the calendar, extend the Time range to include that day. For example the time range is set to cover May, June and July. If you want to display auto-replies for a day in April, you will need to change the time range. Otherwise, the following error message will appear (Fig. 6.):

OOOM invalid date
Fig. 6. The error message when the specified date lies outside the time range set in the program.


If you are searching through the calendar and want to quickly get back to the current date, you can use the Today button (Fig. 7.). It will send you back immediately to the current date.

OOOM - Today button.
Fig. 7. Locating the Today button in the Administration Panel.


Refresh the calendar to check if any changes have been made to users' absences. To do so, click the Refresh button (Fig. 8.). Only changes in the calendar will be refreshed, without reloading the entire user list.

OOOM - Refresh calendar button.
Fig. 8. Refreshing the calendar view.

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