This software has been discontinued. If you are looking for a way to manage out of office messages for all users in your Exchange organization, try out the Auto respond feature in CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro.

Connecting to Office 365

This article will guide you through all the steps necessary to connect to your Office 365 tenant. If you need to connect to an on-premises Exchange server, read these instructions.


You can connect to one server at a time. CodeTwo Out of Office does not support multiple server connections.

If you're running the program for the first time, the Target server connection wizard will open automatically. To open the wizard from the Administration Panel, click Connection on the toolbar (Fig. 1.).

OOOM - Changing Exchange connection.
Fig. 1. Locating the Connection button.

In the first step, Target server, select Office 365 (Fig. 2.) and click Next.

Choosing server type connection.
Fig. 2. Choosing the server type connection.

In the next step, Admin’s credentials, enter the target Office 365 administrator's email address and password (Fig. 3.) and click Next.

Target server connection wizard.
Fig. 3. Entering the administrator's credentials.


If multi-factor authentication (MFA) has been enabled for the administrator account, remember to use the app password instead of your regular Office 365 password. Learn more

In the last step of the wizard, Verification, click the Verify button to check if a connection to the target server can be established. The program also checks if the administrator has been assigned the impersonation rights and if the connection to the target PowerShell console is possible (Fig. .).

Verification stage of the target server connection wizard.
Fig. 4. Verification step of the Target server connection wizard.

Lastly, you can check if the administrator can impersonate a specific user in your organization. In the Steps to consider section, click Test. In the window that opens, click Browse to select a mailbox, and then click Test to do the check (Fig. 5.).

Impersonation rights test window.
Fig. 5. Impersonation rights test window.

If the administrator has been granted appropriate rights to the selected mailbox, the Test succeeded notification will show (Fig. 6.).

Test succeded notification.
Fig. 6. Test succeeded notification.

If the administrator has not been assigned the impersonation rights to that mailbox, you will receive the Test failed warning (Fig. 7.). In such a case, double check the entered email address and password, and confirm if administrator's permissions are sufficient to access the user mailbox. Read this KB article to learn how to assign the impersonation rights manually.

Test failed warning.
Fig. 7. Test failed notification.

If the Verification step finishes successfully and the administrator is granted appropriate permissions, you can click the Finish button to submit your settings.

You can modify the Office 365 connection settings by clicking the Connection button again (Fig. 1.).

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