Upgrade to version 2.x

Upgrade is free for all clients who already own a valid license key for version 1.x. New clients should simply purchase a new license. See the details below.

New clients

Clients who neither own a version 1.x license key nor have version 1.x of the software installed should simply purchase a 2.x version license key, download and install the newest version available, activate the product and start using the software.

In the case you have version 1.x installed already e.g. you have been trialing the software, and are about to purchase a new license, you must upgrade your installation to version 2.x first. New license keys are designed to work with version 2.x only, you will not be able to activate version 1.x with version 2.x license key.

Existing clients

If you have not had a chance to install the software yet, simply download and install the newest version available. Use your license key to activate CodeTwo Exchange Migration version 2.x and start using the product.

If you already installed version 1.x, perhaps you are even in the middle of migration - no worries, everything will work just fine if you follow the steps below:

Upgrade procedure

  1. Stop the migration and close the program.
  2. Download the newest version available on the website and install it on the top of your current installation. All your settings, migration state, licensing info and cached data will be retained, hence no duplicates will be created on the target servers upon further resuming the migration.
  3. If your previous installation was not yet licensed, use your license key to activate the product now.
  4. To resume your migration, start the program, go to the Administration Panel, Jobs tab and click Rescan.

Expanding license key for version 1.x

Users of version 1.x of the software who need to purchase additional seats for their current 1.x version license have following options:

  • Purchase a new 2.x version license key for extra seats they need and use it with a new, separate instance of CodeTwo Exchange Migration version 2.x installed on a different machine.
  • Contact CodeTwo Support for assistance.

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