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Customer Support

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In order to check prices, terms, and conditions of Support, or to order technical support, click one of the links below depending on the program that you have.

What do I get if I buy technical support?

Owing to a support contract, apart from a full access to online documents, you also gain:

  • Access to our specialists by email or phone. They will answer all your queries concerning our products and will assist in addressing potential technical issues.
  • Guarantee that we will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your query.
  • If you purchase a technical support contract together with the product, you get a 3-month guarantee of free software upgrades. If, within 3 months of this purchase, we release a new upgrade of the product, you will get it for free. What is an upgrade?
  • Assurance that your query will be comprehensively handled by the same specialist (unless he/she is out of office).

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