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Date Published: 04 Sep 2017
Latest Version:
Size: 119 MB

Supported platforms

Syncing Master and Outlook Add-in
can be installed on

Windows 10* / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP (SP3)
/Windows Server 2012 / 2008 / 2003

* In the case the program does not work after upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or 8.1, please reinstall it.

Outlook Add-in requires
Microsoft Outlook 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003

Support for 32 / 64 bit platforms.

Mobile Apps can be installed on
Android 2.2 and later
iOS 5.x and later*

* If you’re using iOS 11, the Sync from iPhone and Sync to iPhone options are limited. Learn more...

Version history

Date 04 Sep 2017
Fixed: Outlook Add-in would crash Outlook or make the synchronization process slower after installing the Creators Update for Windows 10.
Date 18 Jul 2017
Fixed: Syncing Master startup problems in environments with Outlook 2016.
Fixed: Syncing Master startup problems after major Windows updates.
Date 18 Jul 2016
Fixed: The national characters were displayed incorrectly in the German version of the program.
Date 24 May 2016
New: The Syncing Master can now be installed on computers equipped with Outlook 2016.
Fix: In specific environments it was not possible to install the Outlook Add-in on computers equipped with Outlook 2016.
Date 10 Nov 2015
New: Program now supports MS Outlook 2016.
New: Syncing Master must not be installed on a computer equipped with MS Outlook 2016.
Fixed: Cosmetic changes to some error messages.
Fixed: Multiple programming changes.
Version 5.4.3
Date 16 May 2014
New: Support for Windows 8.1
Fixed: Working with mandatory user profiles.
Fixed: Shortcuts’ names were clarified.
Fixed: Optimization of links within the program.
Version 5.4.2
Date 25 Sep 2013
Fixed: Home phone numbers were incorrectly synchronized to the Native Calendar as Work number (Android devices).
Fixed: Weekly recurring events scheduled to appear on patterns bigger than every 2 weeks generated additional daily events after synchronization (Android devices).
Fixed: In some cases connections to the published server via Proxy couldn’t be established.
Fixed: Improved synchronization of items after reestablishing connection to the Syncing Master (Android devices).
Fixed: Some of the Yearly recurring events weren’t synchronized to the native Calendar (Android devices).
Fixed: Post Codes and States weren’t visible in the preview of the synchronized Contacts (Android devices).
Fixed: It was possible to create a new Contact in a non-writable folders (Android devices).
Fixed: Home phone numbers were incorrectly synchronized to the Native Calendar as Work numbers (Android devices).
Fixed: Weekly recurring events scheduled to appear on patterns bigger than every 2 weeks generated additional daily events after synchronization (Android devices).
Fixed: After opening a new mail message via the mail icon in the Contact’s preview, the TO field was not filled in automatically (Android devices).
Version 5.4.1
Date 5 Sep 2013
New: Synchronization of Attachments (iOS devices).
New: Integration with the native Calendar and Reminders (iOS devices).
New: Enhanced preview of Events, Tasks and Description of Contacts (iOS devices).
New: Preview of images attached to synchronized Events, Contacts and Tasks (iOS devices).
New: Images attached to synchronized Events, Contacts and Tasks can be directly saved to the native library (iOS devices).
Fixed: Minor bug fixes concerning Notifications and integration with the Native Contacts (iOS devices).
Fixed: Code optimization.
Version 5.4.0
Date 17 Jul 2013
New: Mobile version of the Client App for iOS devices.
New: Integration with the native Calendar (Android devices).
New: Synchronization of dates in recurring events on Android devices located in different time zones than the server installation.
Fixed: In some cases Contacts were incorrectly synchronized (Android Devices).
Fixed: Meeting requests edited on Android devices after synchronization were not synchronized back to other clients.
Fixed: In some cases recurring events were incorrectly synchronized (Android devices).
Version 5.3.0
Date 8 May 2013
New: Support for attachments in items synchronized to the Client App for Android.
New: Option for changing timeout for Client App for Android synchronization.
Fixed: Corrected Active Directory authentication mechanism.
Fixed: Folders shared by users in previous versions of the program didn’t have mobile permissions.
Fixed: Items compressed during synchronization process in previous versions of the program didn’t synchronize correctly to Client App for Android.
Fixed: Updating the Syncing Master module on 64-bit systems caused license deactivation.
Fixed: Images pasted inline were not displayed in Client App for Android.
Fixed: Unsupported folder types were displayed as contact folders in Client App for Android.
Fixed: Contacts window display problems on adding message recipients.
Fixed: Outlook’s items print preview display problems.
Fixed: Outlook’s items print preview display problems.
Version 5.2.0
Date 9 Apr 2013
New: Mobile version of Client App for Android devices.
Fixed: The access rights copied with the Copy Rights button in the Administration Panel were not saved for subfolders.
Version 5.1.1
Date 15 Feb 2013
New: Share this folder... option is now available from the folder’s context menu in Outlook 2013.
Fixed: The same folder cannot be used to synchronize files via the File Sharing App by two different local users if that folder has already been used in the File Sharing App synchronization by one of these users.
Fixed: The Logging level in the File Sharing App could not be changed to Detailed.
Fixed: If the size of a PST file was getting closer to 20 GB, the Outlook Add-in installed on MS Outlook 2010 used to notify users that the synchronization is no longer possible. Right now the notification window will pop up if the PST file gets near 50 GB.
Version 5.1.0
Date 30 Jan 2013
Fixed: The synchronization of data in Outlook could cause malfunction of Outlook rules in certain cases.
Fixed: Minor programming changes.
Version 5.0.6
Date 11 Jan 2013
Fixed: Subfolders of the same folder shared via the File Sharing App (with names starting with lower and upper case letters e.g. “aaaa” and “BBB”) where not recognized by a subscribing User after losing and regaining a connection with the Syncing Master.
Fixed: When a large file was being downloaded by a subscribing User via the File Sharing App and the User lost and regained a connection with the Syncing Master, a copy of that file was created and shared back both ways causing duplicates.
Fixed: When one of the users shared a private inbox with a previously set Outlook rule, duplicated inbox items where created.
Version 5.0.5
Date 21 Dec 2012
Fixed: Creating shortcuts to the Favorites folder with File Sharing App prevented the program from opening or it was not configurable in certain instances.
Fixed: In Outlook 64-bit an unknown error could occur when sharing of a personal folder was stopped or when a change was made to permissions to a shared personal folder or when the subscription of a folder was closed by the subscriber.
Fixed: When the user wanted to change the location of the folder in File Sharing App by clicking Browse the program returned an error on certain 64-bit systems with internal memory higher than 4GB RAM.
Version 5.0.4
Date 13 Dec 2012
New: Program now supports Outlook 2013.
Fixed: Error preventing from opening Outlook after installing client app. The problem was caused by faulty loading method of the Outlook plugin during the program initialization.
Version 5.0.3
Date 05 Dec 2012
New: Support for Windows 8.
Fixed: In certain circumstances the user could not login to the program using the domain account.
Fixed: When the items were synchronized in the Outlook App, the status window took focus.
Fixed: Error decrypting data.
Fixed: Programming changes to stabilize the connection to the Syncing Master.
Version 5.0.2
Date 05 Nov 2012
Fixed: The connection stability with the Syncing Master has been improved.
Fixed: After updating the program to the newest version the backup copies were not created if the daily automatic creation of the copies had been enabled in the previous version.
Fixed: File Sharing: Publishing / subscription of a folder with white spaces added at the beginning or the end of its name was causing synchronization problems of the items included in that folder.
Fixed: In some cases the name of the Syncing Master shared via the Internet was changing without user’s interference.
Version 5.0.1
Date 27 Sep 2012
Fixed: While hard deleting items in Outlook, the other Outlook Addins did not receive this information.
Fixed: While setting the time for the backups of the database, the program returned an error.
Fixed: Small programming changes.
Version 5.0.0
Date 13 Sep 2012
New: Access via the Internet to shared data independently from the local network. Although it is transferred in the Internet, the data is secure as it is not stored outside the local network.
New: Encryption of the data transfer in the Internet.
New: New Client Apps: File Sharing – allows you to share Windows files and folders separately from your Outlook shares.
New: Additional protection of data owing to central management of logins and passwords of the Client Applications in the Administration Panel. The user receives the login and password from the administrator.
New: The program enables logging with Active Directory credentials if the program is installed in a domain environment.
New: The access to the Administration Panel is secured with a login and a password.
New: It is now compatible with CodeTwo Sync for iCloud that enables you to synchronize public folders of CodeTwo Public Folder with iCloud folders and thus with iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Mac.
New: New program interface.
New: New setup file.
New: It is possible to update the program across different language versions.
New: New licensing system that introduces two types of licenses: synchronization limited to the local network and Internet synchronization. The Internet license is time limited to 12 months.
Fixed: In certain cases after uninstalling the Client App, MS Outlook did not open correctly.
Version 4.7.6
Date 11 May 2012
Fixed: Minor text corrections.
Version 4.7.4
Date 28 Feb 2012
Fixed: Drafts folders are excluded from the synchronization process of C2PublicFolders folder tree.
Fixed: In some cases, the program settings were not properly saved when closing the Administration Panel window.
Fixed: In some cases, users were losing the rights to edit or remove items which they owned.
Fixed: In some cases, a user was able to use the context menu to publish a folder which was located outside the default Outlook PST file.
Version 4.7.3
Date 01 Dec 2011
Fixed: Access rights to folders were sometimes saved incorrectly.
Fixed: It is not possible to create items in the root folders created for the folders shared by other users.
Version 4.7.1
Date 31 Aug 2011
Fixed: In some cases, the application does not work correctly with UAC (User Account Control) on.
Version 4.7.0
Date 25 Aug 2011
New: The software has completely new UI of the administration panel.
New: Users can now easily retrieve folders that were accidentally removed.
New: The program can now create and manage backup database copies.
New: The software allows the users to easily transfer their databases from one machine to another.
New: The program is now able to synchronize folder views and non-standard custom forms.
New: The user can now control the status of the C2PublicFolders system service from the Administration panel. He or she can also define the database location, change the log files folder path or modify the listening ports used by the software.
New: Licensing information.
The user can now check the following licensing information from the Administration panel:
- license type (trial, temporary key, full license) - license key
- list of currently licensed users
- number of available licenses.
New: The server module can now synchronize any type of user-defined data, for example other programs' settings.
New: One setup wizard for x64 and x86 versions. The software now automatically chooses which version to install.
Version 4.6.3
Date 21 Dec 2010
New: New certificate added to the installer.
Fixed: Enhanced program's performance.
Version 4.6.2
Date 26 Nov 2010
Fixed: Improvement in activation and licensing mechanism.
Version 4.6.1
Date 26 Jul 2010
New: The program is available in 64bit version.
New: It is fully compatible with MS Outlook 2010. The application can be installed onto any MS Outlook 2010, both 32bit and 64bit.
New: German version of the program has been developed.
Fixed: The program synchronized all items of a shared folder of other user repeatedly causing the PST file to grow each time.
Fixed: The program did not work correctly if Outlook was opened in minimized mode.
Fixed: If multiple network cards were used by the same machine, the program returned a licensing error.
Version 4.5.9
Date 08 Apr 2010
Fixed: In some cases, a licensed program reverted to demo mode..
Fixed: All items in shared folders were duplicated when a user had more than one Outlook profile.
Fixed: Improved synchronization between the program and private Exchange Folders; after publishing a folder belonging to an Exchange mailbox, some users encountered problems with items that became duplicated or returned from different folders. Occasionally, it also triggered synchronization glitches.
Fixed: Occasionally, deleted items from public folders returned to their original folders.
Fixed: It was impossible to synchronize a folder that contained a space at the beginning or at the end of its name.
Fixed: Using a context folder menu in Outlook, it was possible to share a folder that did not belong to a default information store. This option should not have been available as it caused synchronization issues.
Fixed: It was impossible to create new items in a subscribed folder right after it has been published.
Fixed: In some cases, a certain shared folder was displayed in all views in Outlook 2003.
Fixed: Improved user identification system. In some cases, two different users having the same user and computer names were able to connect to the Syncing Master.
Fixed: It was possible to install older versions of the program on top of the existing installation. From now on, only upgrades are possible.
Fixed: A pop-up window always appeared whenever a user tried to close a synchronization status window.
New: New functionality available in options; now users can decide if all removed items are moved to Deleted Items folder or deleted permanently. By default, all deleted items are deleted permanently.
Fixed: Occasionally, a message popped up informing that the local PST file exceeded 1,9GB even though the limit was set to 20GB.
Fixed: In some cases, a path to the local data file was incorrect and led to a different file.
Version 4.5.3
Date 15 Jan 2010
Fixed: Fixed error by which items marked as Private were synchronized in folders shared from personal user mailboxes during the start-up synchronization.
Version 4.5.2
Date 21 Dec 2009
Fixed: The error while opening Outlook after installing Outlook Add-in. The error prevented from opening Outlook and was caused by loading messages stores in an undetermined order.
Fixed: Improved support for MS Outlook 2000. The MAPI profile loading error, occurring after the Outlook Add-in, has been fixed.
Version 4.5
Date 01 Dec 2009
New: New activation system. No need to send the registration codes to CodeTwo. After the purchase is made, the user receives a license key that is used to upgrade to the full version.
New: One installer file. The previously used two setup files for the client and server modules have been made into one. In addition, the installer will detect the currently installed version and suggest which actions need to be taken (new installation or update).
New: Change of terminology. The server module becomes the Syncing Master. The client module becomes the Outlook Add-in.
New: Compatible with Outlook 2010. Exchange Client Extension technology was replaced by Outlook COM Addin.
New: Support for Windows 7.
New: Support for Windows 2008
Change: Change of item deletion logic in Outlook as the result of the item being deleted on another computer or revocation of access rights to a folder. The deletion of an item can only be made by moving the item to the Deleted Items folder both at the client and the server.
Change: Change in the network protocol in order to increase performance.
New: Support for compressing data when sending to the server. The feature especially useful when accessing servers over the Internet.
Change: Improved synchronization algorithms when switching between offline and online mode.
New: Additional item in the context menu for Outlook folders enabling quick sharing and un-sharing of personal folders.
New: Change of user name is possible. The name is used when granting access rights and when sharing personal folders.
New: Support for Windows Desktop Search indexers as well as Vista and Windows 7 indexers. In earlier version the data in C2PublicFolders tree was sometimes indexed incorrectly.
New: Support for Xobni. Earlier versions resulted in CPU usage rise to 100% if CodeTwo Public Folders was installed together with Xobni.
New: Support for 'Fast Shutdown' introduced by Microsoft in Outlook Service Pack 2.
Change: Possible to defer Outlook exit. If a user exits Outlook and in the background the data is still exchange with the server, the program will display a notification and allow to wait with exiting Outlook until the transmission is over.
New: Increased server performance by improving cache storing changes in the database.
New: Auto-configuration. The Outlook Add-in automatically searches for the Syncing Master in the network and configures a connection.
New: The program checks automatically for the correct service pack installed in Outlook. If an old service pack is installed or is not installed at all, a special warning will display containing a link to the service pack download site.
New: The location of the PST file can be changed. As we want to simplify the first installation, the change of location of the PST file can only be made by deleting and reinstallation of C2PublicFolders service in MAPI profile.
Change: The installer of Outlook Add-in installs 'Start MS Outlook' into the menu.
New: The shared personal folder is visible to other users only once all data from a folder is sent to the Syncing Master. This is related to sharing a folder that already contains data. In earlier versions, the folder was accessible for other users already during the synchronization. This could create duplicates or data loss. Now the folder is visible upon completing the synchronization.
Version 4.1.2
Date 06 Nov 2008
Fixed: After closing Server configuration wizard by clicking "Finish" button the following error appears: "An instance of the service is already running".
Fixed: The server settings are however stored properly and the server module is also started properly. The error message was redundant and is not shown in the current version.
Version 4.1.1
Date 23 Oct 2008
Fixed: In some cases the welcome message created in user's inbox caused Outlook hang-up.
Fixed: HTTP links located in welcome message pointed to an old program version.
Fixed: Under Windows Vista the configuration window was sometimes shown beneath the main installation wizard and was invisible for the user.
Version 4.1.0
Date 17 Jun 2008
New: Now CodeTwo Public Folders features its own toolbar in Outlook including the most commonly used functions.
New: The read/unread status of the message is synchronized. This function is off by default; it need to be activated in the program options.
New: The User can change the name of the folder shared by another user. This is a useful feature especially when we view multiple folders of other users.
New: A welcome message is created in the Inbox upon installation of CodeTwo Public Folders client module. The welcome message contains helpful tips on using the application and essential references to descriptions of basic functionalities.
New: The client module now features a test button to check connectivity with the server module for selected settings.
Fixed: The issue related to cooperation of CodeTwo Public Folder with the latest release of NOD32 3.0. Once NOD32 created "Infected Items" folder in the public folders, the data would be synchronized erroneously.
Fixed: A considerable boost in the data synchronization speed in shared personal folders containing multiple items. In the previous version, 20,000 items in a shared folder would mean extended synchronization time.
Fixed: Compatibility enhancement with Windows Vista. In the previous release the installer did not require administrator's rights, which resulted in corrupt deployment and subsequent errors.
Version 4.0.6
Date 10 Apr 2008
Fixed: When switching from the offline to online mode, items, created in the offline mode in a shared personal folder, might be removed.
Version 4.0.5
Date 20 Mar 2008
New: Sharing Personal Folders. Users can now share the data directly from their personal folders.
New: Users can work with CodeTwo Public Folders via Windows Remote Desktop.
New: On the server there are some additional "trash" folders, where all the items, deleted from the shared folders, are stored. This allows you to open and retrieve mistakenly deleted data.
New: The administrator can change the location of the database, which doesn't need to be kept in the program installation folder.
Change: From the current version, only one TCP port is used by the program, which makes configuration simpler.
Change: In the previous versions there might have been some issues regarding compatibility with some anti-virus software. All these issues have been sorted out in version 4.0.
Change: Enhanced user interface.
Fixed: The way client, computers are identified by the server modules, has been changed to fix the problem concerning counting user access licenses.
Version 3.0.2
Date 22 Jan 2008
New: First version of the program. Sharing Outlook data in public folders, real-time synchronization, English user interface.
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