Our mission

Our mission

The mission is the values, principles, views and standards we go by in carrying out our tasks and that help our team in completing day-to-day duties as well as building relationships with customers. The mission will also play a dominant role in the development of corporate identity and its position in the economic and social world.

The mission of CodeTwo is shaped by the philosophy of software engineering. According to this philosophy we stress the usability and friendliness of our software applications. Consequently, our day-to-day work is driven to deliver products which are:

  1. Clear - although they are made to perform complicated and sophisticated actions, we strive to equip them with a clear and simple interface to make user communication with such a system as efficient as possible.
  2. Intuitive - to start using our applications and access the capabilities you need not peruse hardcopy manuals but instead rely entirely on your intuition.
  3. Logical - our solutions are logical and therefore their use is natural and easy to grasp.
  4. Good-looking - we do not forget that to improve the users experience one should not underestimate the graphics and for this reason we create graphically appealing applications.
  5. Efficient - we utilize advanced mathematical algorithms and low level programming languages to deliver highly efficient end products.
  6. Reliable - any errors in the code are an exception and when discovered are reacted upon and remedied without delay.

We believe the above to be the major aspects that make software user-friendly and usable. Owing to this the software can live up to the tasks it has been designed to do i.e. facilitating day-to-day work and aiding task accomplishment in a trouble-free manner. It is essential that software does not overcomplicate things - after all, its job is to simplify them. Ultimately software experience should provide a sense of simplicity and even pleasure.

The mission is a set of statements that define our day-to-day work. For this reason you will see clarity, intuitiveness, esthetics, efficiency and reliability extend to other activities we engage in such as web pages, online manuals, customer and technical support and other procedures that are in place in our company.

In CodeTwo we develop advanced software to solve complicated problems and we continuously strive to make it increasingly easy-to-use, intuitive, logical, good-looking, efficient and reliable.


If you have any questions regarding the software we develop or you are looking for IT solutions for your business, do not hesitate to contact us.

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