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Conversational Microsoft 365 Mailbox Migrations by J. Peter Bruzzese

Migrating mailbox data to Microsoft 365 can be a challenging task even for seasoned Exchange admins. That’s why CodeTwo has teamed up with J. Peter Bruzzese, an 8-time Microsoft Office 365 MVP, to prepare an as-concise-as-possible guide that can help you prepare for the task & determine the best strategy for all your migration projects, no matter the source server (on-premises Exchange, Google Workspace, IMAP-based email systems or another Microsoft 365 tenant).

The ebook covers the following topics:

  1. Planning your migration to Microsoft 365.
  2. Overview of the native migration options and tools in Microsoft 365 & Exchange.
  3. Configuring an Exchange hybrid deployment.
  4. Simplifying and automating the migration with CodeTwo.

The ebook is written in a conversational tone and stays up to date with the latest enhancements and changes in both the Microsoft’s ecosystem and CodeTwo’s migration tools.

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Conversational Microsoft 365 Mailbox Migrations by J. Peter Bruzzese

Rather than allowing the concerns to make the migration prohibitive, a third-party tool may be just what you need to make this process – which feels overwhelming to many – a piece of cake.

It’s essential to take your time during the planning stages to ensure a smooth migration. Mailboxes are an important aspect of the move, but not the ONLY aspect. You also want to ensure a continuation of services from the ground to the sky.

Data migration is one of CodeTwo’s key solutions (which is fitting considering our eBook’s focus here). Their migration tools help to speed up and automate the migration process significantly.

J. Peter Bruzzese

J. Peter Bruzzese
Microsoft MVP
(Office Servers and Services)

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