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Using MFCMAPI to check mailbox read and write permissions


How to check with MFCMAPI if you have read and write permissions to a mailbox. This may be useful to diagnose permission issues with CodeTwo software, for example CodeTwo Exchange Sync or CodeTwo Exchange Folders.


The below steps present an attempt to create a folder within a mailbox using MFCMAPI. As an example Public Folders mailbox is used as it is the most common problem to access them.

  1. Download the MFCMAPI tool from this website.
  2. Run MFCMAPI on a computer where our software is installed.
  3. Log on to the MAPI profile using the profile of our software.

Fig. 1. Choosing MAPI profile to logon with.

  1. You will see the list of accessible mailboxes, double click on Public Folders and expand Public Folders tree. This should reassemble the tree of your Public Folders as visible in PF Management Console.

Fig. 2. Public Folders tree visible in MFCMAPI.

  1. Right click on one of your Public Folders and choose Create Subfolder.

Fig. 3. Operating on mailbox folders from within MFCMAPI.

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