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Updating the scope of users in CodeTwo after removing a group in Microsoft 365


User attributes are not updated in email signatures and you see the following error in CodeTwo Admin Panel on your tenant list:

Scope of users error

Users still get signatures, automatic replies, etc. but their contact information is outdated.

This keeps happening after you changed your Microsoft 365 (Entra ID) hierarchy and removed the group of users who were synchronized to CodeTwo from your Microsoft 365.


If you delete the Microsoft 365 group that syncs to CodeTwo, you may experience licensing issues and outdated signatures.

If you deleted the group by mistake, try restoring it as shown in this Microsoft article.

If you don't want to or no longer have the option to restore the group, you need to update the scope of licensed users in CodeTwo so that it covers all users or an existing group of users in your Entra ID (Azure AD). This will ensure licenses are consumed correctly and all signatures are up to date. Follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to CodeTwo Admin Panel.
  2. Select your tenant on the Tenants page.
  3. Go to Scope & region and click Change (Fig. 1.).

Updating the scope of licensed users.
Fig. 1. Updating the scope of licensed users.

  1. In the pane that opens, select if you want to include all users in your organization in the scope of licensed users or limit the scope to a specific group of users (Fig. 2.). 

Limiting the scope of licensed users to a specific group of users.
Fig. 2. Limiting the scope of licensed users to a specific group of users.

  1. Click OK and confirm with YES to apply your change.

It may take some time to synchronize the new scope with CodeTwo (up to several hours, based on the size of your organization).

Next steps:

To make sure all your users will continue to get their signatures once you updated the scope of licensed users, you now may need to reconfigure CodeTwo Exchange Online connectors for your Microsoft 365 tenant and double-check all your signature and autoresponder rules. See this article to learn more.

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