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Moving migration software settings to a different machine


You need to move the CodeTwo migration software installation to another machine and cannot afford to purge target mailboxes and to start the migration process from scratch.


CodeTwo Exchange Migration and CodeTwo Office 365 Migration were not designed to be moved from one machine to another once migration jobs have been configured or even started. However, it is still possible to move the settings and cache from one instance of the program to another.

Before you attempt to do so, there are some prerequisites and aspects that you need to be aware of:

  • Your CodeTwo migration software needs to be upgraded to version 3.x. If you’re still using version 2.x of the program, check out this user’s manual article to learn how to perform the upgrade.
  • The entire procedure described below is considered as a workaround. It will probably work in most cases; however, not all possible scenarios were tested thoroughly, as both migration tools were not meant to be moved between different computers. Be aware that moved cache can get corrupted or settings may not be properly recognized by another instance of the software. Therefore, you will be moving the program data at your own risk.

Once you have taken care of all the prerequisites, follow the steps below to move all the necessary CodeTwo migration software data to a new installation:

  1. Install the correct CodeTwo migration software on the machine where you want to move the program’s data. Make sure the same version number is installed on both machines.
  2. Activate the newly installed program by using the same license key as you use on the old installation.
  3. Stop all migration jobs and close programs on both machines.
  4. Navigate to
    on the machine with the old installation of the CodeTwo migration software, copy the entire Exchange Migration # (in case you are using CodeTwo Exchange Migration) or Office 365 Migration #  (in case of CodeTwo Office 365 Migration) folder (Fig. 1.), and paste it to the same location on the new machine. When prompted, select to overwrite all files in the destination folder.

Fig. 1. The location of the CodeTwo migration software settings and cache.

  1. Run the program on the new machine and verify that all your settings (defined connections, configured jobs, etc.) are correct.
  2. Uninstall the program from your old machine.


The last step is not required for the program to work correctly on the new machine; however, in case you run the same migration jobs on both the old and the new machine, duplicates will be created on your target server. This is because the program cache, where the information regarding which items were already migrated, is not synchronized between other instances of the program.

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