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Items that should be synchronized by CodeTwo Exchange Sync do not appear


You have set CodeTwo Exchange Sync to synchronize your data. Although, in email clients like Outlook, you do not see the synchronized items.


CodeTwo Exchange Sync does not use any email client at all - it operates directly on the Exchange Server, using MAPI libraries that are responsible for accessing and modifying content of the mailboxes. The first step to verify if the CodeTwo Exchange Sync is working properly is to check the content of a mailbox directly on the server.

Simply, go to Outlook Web Access (OWA) and open a mailbox, which is defined as a target one in CodeTwo Exchange Sync. If you see the synchronized items, it appears that the synchronization itself is working properly. Therefore, you can assume that problem is related directly to the email client you are using. Go back to the machine where the email client is installed and ensure that there are no connection issues.

It may also happen that your Outlook is configured to limit the synchronization or is running in cached mode. When this mode is enabled, content of your mailbox is refreshed only after some time - this is an expected behavior of Outlook. This is done to limit the amount of data transferred between your computer and Exchange Server. Switch your Outlook to online mode and check if the problem persists.

Otherwise, if you do not see any items while using Outlook Web Access, the synchronization most probably does not work. Please ensure that C2ExchangeSync service is running (you may check it using services.msc). What is more, there is a possibility that the task definition is outdated for some reason - try to open the CodeTwo Exchange Sync Admin, remove all folders from the synchronization task and immediately add them again. Do not forget to Save the updated configuration.

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