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How to share files in windows via network share


Access files and folders located on another Windows computer, in the same local network.


If you want to access files located on another machine, you will need to start sharing the files across the local network. There are some differences in this process, depending on Windows version you use. 

In Windows Vista, 7 and 8

1. To start sharing a folder containing the files, find one you want to share using Windows Explorer.

2. Right click the folder and choose Share with, then select Specific people...


Fig. 1. Sharing and Security


3. The File Sharing window will appears. To add user or groups simply type their names and click Add button. If you want to share files with everyone, just type in Everyone. Note that you may also manage their rights to Read or to Read and Write. To do so, select small arrow located next to current right.

Fig. 2. Adding users and settings permissions.


4. After you will complete managing users, click Share button to make changes. If you will see image showen below, you properly shared your folder. Please note down the address of share, visible under share name.

Fig. 3. Sharing is complete.

4. To open the folder on another machine, simply enter the address you have noted earlier. Example of properly entered address you may see below.

Fig. 4. 
Entering path to share.

In Windows XP

1. To start sharing a folder containing the files, find one you want to share using Windows Explorer.

2. Right click the folder and choose Sharing and Security.


Fig. 1. Sharing and Security


3. In the Properties dialog box that opens select Share this folder option and choose a name by which this folder will be known in the network. Next click Permissions to set the access rights to this folder according to your needs.

Fig. 2.Permissions for users.



Fig. 3. Sharing tab in Windows Explorer.

If you want to hide the share from being visible in your local network, but make it still accessible, you can add dolar ($) sign at the end of its name. For example, if you name share "users$", then you will be able to access this place by manually typing address. However, it will not show up in "My Network Places". 


4. To open the folder on another machine choose My Computer, My Network Places. The shared folders will be visible as in the image below.

Fig. 4. 
Share visible in "My Network Places".

Fig. 5. 
Accessing the "My Network Places" from the "My Computer" window.


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