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How to deploy CodeTwo Exchange Rules on multiple servers


You want to deploy CodeTwo Exchange Rules on multiple servers.


If there is more than one server responsible for mail processing in your organization, you will need to install CodeTwo Exchange Rules on each of the servers so that disclaimers and signatures are added to each message, whichever server it is processed by. Once you have configured the settings and composed the disclaimers/signatures in one installation of CodeTwo Exchange Rules, you probably would like to avoid performing the same task on another machine no matter how admin-friendly this can be with CodeTwo Exchange Rules. You can easily clone all settings and footers to another server if you follow the guidelines below:

The information below can be used by administrators who need to move an installation of CodeTwo Exchange Rules to another server machine or clone it on multiple servers.

All we need to clone the installation is the file containing the program's settings and the footer templates. The settings of your program are stored in settings.dat file located in the installation folder of CodeTwo Exchange Rules. The templates are located in Templates subfolder in the installation folder or at your custom location. Remember that your disclaimers may contain images and these you will also have to move.

  1. Install CodeTwo Exchange Rules in the new location.
  2. Locate thesettings.dat file in the first installation of CodeTwo Exchange Rules, default:
    C:\Program Files\CodeTwo\ExchangeRules

    and copy it to the new installation.

  3. Copy the Templates folder together with the images. If your images are located outside the installation folder for CodeTwo Exchange Rules remember to copy them too.
  4. Use the license key to activate the program.

The problem you may encounter is that the image files are referenced in your footer templates according to their previous location. For images to display correctly at the recipients' mail clients, you will have to adjust the referenced files so that the program can find them in the new server machine. The best policy is to keep images in the Images subfolder of Templates folder. This way you do not need to adjust anything in the HTML templates on the new server machine if you decide to install CodeTwo Exchange Rules in the default location.


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