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How to stop link previews from being displayed in emails


You created an email signature template that includes a URL, e.g. a link to your newest video. When you send a message and a recipient views it in Outlook on the web (OWA) or, a preview of this URL is automatically displayed (Fig. 1.), which changes the whole layout of your signature.

623-0 Email with a link preview added
Fig. 1. A link preview automatically added to a signature in Outlook on the web.


The problem is caused by the Link preview feature that is turned on automatically in Microsoft 365 (learn more) and in Exchange on-premises accounts. In Outlook on the web,, or Outlook Web Access (OWA) this feature displays a link preview when you insert a URL into your email or when you receive a message that contains URLs. If you want your recipients to see your emails without any link previews, you need to ask them to disable the Link preview feature, as described below.

Outlook on the web (Microsoft 365)

  1. Sign in to Outlook on the web. Enter the Settings pane via the gear button in the upper-right corner. Click View all Outlook settings (Fig. 2.).

623-1 Outlook on the web settings
Fig. 2. Opening Outlook on the web settings page.

  1. Go to Mail > Compose and reply. Clear the Preview links in email check box (Fig. 3.) and save the changes.

623-2 Outlook on the web link preview
Fig. 3. Disabling the Link preview feature in Outlook on the web.

Outlook Web Access (on-premises Exchange)

  1. Open OWA in your browser. Click the gear button in the upper-right corner and then click Options (Fig. 4.).

623-3 OWA options
Fig. 4. Accessing OWA options.

  1. Go to Mail > Layout > Link preview, Uncheck the Preview links in email option and click Save (Fig. 5.).

623-4 OWA disable link preview
Fig. 5. Disabling the link preview feature in OWA.

The Link preview feature is now disabled and URL previews will no longer be displayed in your messages.

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