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Detailed logging level in CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO


If it is necessary to get more information about the program operation then you need to switch logging level to detailed.


To display the log files dialog box, click the Settings button in the CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO main window. The Log files tab is opened  by default(Fig. 1.).

Fig. 1. Log files dialog box

Switch logging level to Detailed by selecting it from the dropdown menu in the Logging level section.

You can open log files list for each module by clicking Open... button next to it. This brings a window with the list of all created log files. During a single day, the program may create many logs saved as plain text files in the following name format: YYYY.MM.DD_00001, YYYY.MM.DD_00002, YYYY.MM.DD_00003 etc..

Y stands for the year, M for the month and D for the day the file was created.

The maximum size of the file is 2 MB.

Remember that detailed logs take more space on the disk so set them back to Standard level when the program works properly.

Click Save All button to save the log files in the selected folder. Click Open button to view individual log file.

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