How to configure a CodeTwo domain in Office 365


After you registered your Office 365 tenant in CodeTwo Admin Panel, a new accepted domain was added to your Office 365 tenant:

  • [your unique ID] - if you use the global version of the software
  • or [your unique ID] - if you use the Office 365 Germany version.

When you view this domain in your Microsoft 365 admin center (Office 365 admin center), the domain might have the Setup in progress status (Fig. 1.). Also, Office 365 may send you various notifications or display warnings related to this new domain.

Fig. 1. A new CodeTwo domain added to Office 365.


The CodeTwo domain is necessary for CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 to work correctly. Do not remove it from Office 365. If you did, contact us.


This new domain is used to relay your messages and improve your email security (our software uses TLS certificate-based connectors). After the domain is created, it has the Setup in progress status. You can ignore this status and related Office 365 notifications because the CodeTwo software is configured and working correctly. Your mail flow and email signatures are not affected by this status.

The Setup in progress status remains because the API used by our software does not allow us to change it in your Office 365. If you want to change this status and stop notifications, you can do it yourself in Office 365:

  1. Open your Microsoft 365 admin center and go to Setup > Domains (Fig. 1.) or Settings > Domains.
  2. Click the CodeTwo domain that has the Setup in progress status.
  3. Click Continue setup (Fig. 2.).

Fig. 2. Domain settings.

  1. On the Update DNS settings page, select the Skip this step check box and click Skip (Fig. 3.). Click Finish to close the window.

Fig. 3. Skipping DNS settings.

  1. Go back to the domain list. If the CodeTwo domain has the Possible service issues status (Fig. 4.), click the domain once again.

Fig. 4. The status of the CodeTwo domain when DNS settings are not configured.

  1. Expand the error window by clicking the link, as shown in Fig. 5.

Fig. 5. Accessing DNS error information.

  1. Click Ignore incorrect DNS (Fig. 6.).


Fig. 6. You can ignore DNS warnings - the CodeTwo domain is working as expected and your mail flow is safe.

  1. The setup of your CodeTwo domain is now complete (Fig. 7.). Office 365 should not send you domain-related notifications or display warnings anymore.

Fig. 7. Completed configuration of the CodeTwo domain.