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How to check your tenant ID


You want to check your Microsoft 365 organization ID (Office 365 tenant ID), for example because you need to provide it to CodeTwo Customer Service.


You can check your tenant ID in Azure Active Directory admin center or by using PowerShell.

Check tenant ID in Azure Active Directory admin center

To get the tenant ID, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to as a global admin.
  2. Then, go to Azure Active Directory > Properties.
  3. In the Directory ID section, you will find your tenant ID (see Fig. 1.). 

Azure AD properties
Fig. 1. TenantID in the Azure Active Directory properties.

Note: You should also see the tenant ID under Azure Active Directory > Overview (Fig. 2.)

Azure AD Overview
Fig. 2. Tenant ID in the Azure Active Directory overview.

Check tenant ID with PowerShell

To get the tenant ID via PowerShell, you need to:


For this method to work, you need to have Microsoft Azure PowerShell module installed.

  1. Run Windows PowerShell.
  2. Connect to Azure Active Directory by running the following cmdlet:
  1. You will be prompted for credentials to connect to the tenant you want to check the ID for.
  2. Once the session is connected, your tenant ID should be visible instantly (Fig. 3.).

Connect-AzureAD cmdlet
Fig. 3. Tenant ID visible after connecting to Azure AD via PowerShell.

  1. If not, run the below cmdlet to get details of your tenant in Azure AD. The tenant ID is displayed under ObjectId (Fig. 4.).

Get-AzureADTenantDetail cmdlet
Fig. 4. Tenant ID seen as a result of Get-AzureADTenantDetal cmdlet.

  1. Once you get your tenant ID, disconnect the session by running:

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