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Does changing global admin's credentials affect CodeTwo services?


You changed the credentials of the global admin account used to configure your tenant (e.g. create connectors) in CodeTwo Admin Panel. Will this affect CodeTwo services or require any additional configuration?


The good news is that if you:

  • change the User Principal Name of your admin account (e.g. change your domain),
  • or change the display name of your admin account

the program works as usual and your data is correctly synchronized. This was tested in both hybrid and cloud configurations.

If you change the password of your admin account, the OAuth 2.0 access tokens might expire and might need to be refreshed. You will get an email notification from CodeTwo if this happens. To fix this, you only need to refresh the tokens in the CodeTwo Admin Panel.


In rare cases, if you change the UPN of an on-premises admin account to a different domain, you might experience problems with synchronization from on-premises Active Directory to Azure AD. See this Microsoft article to learn how to solve this issue.

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