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Accepting and declining task and meeting requests in CodeTwo Public Folders

This article is meant for users of CodeTwo Public Folders. This software has been discontinued. You can check the list of currently available CodeTwo products here.


Users of CodeTwo Public Folders may have difficulty accepting and/or declining task and meeting requests in Outlook 2003 and 2007. The problem is evident only if you are sharing with other users your tasks/calendar folder.


For the purpose of this instruction, we will choose a situation in which we want to accept a task request that we have received. However, the procedure looks the same when declining a task request, or accepting / declining meeting requests.

Once we receive a Task Request and want to accept it, a message will appear asking us to choose whether we want to edit the reply Fig. 1.

Fig. 1. When we are sending a reply, Outlook will ask us if we want to edit it.

Whichever option is selected, Outlook will display a warning that the message has been changed and the action can not be taken Fig. 2.

Fig. 2.Outlook returns a warning that the message has been changed.

The solution is to use a workaround that will lead to sending a reply to a task or a meeting request.To send a Task Accepted reply, open the message containing the task and close it. If the status of the message has changed to 'Read', it is possible now to send a reply. If not, highlight another message in the folder or go to a different folder for a second so that the status of the Task Request changes to 'Read'. Once the status of the task request changes to 'Read', we can send a reply. Proceed similarly when declining a task request or accepting, tentatively accepting, declining or proposing new time in meeting requests.

The accepted task will be created in the personal tasks folder. The accepted meeting will be created in the personal calendar.

Choosing 'Mark as read' from the pop up menu will not render the message as Read.

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