Email signature management in Office 365/Exchange Online

Native email signature functionalities 

In Office 365 (Exchange Online), available options allow the administrator to manage email signatures but in a very limited way. Common weaknesses are that:

  • signatures can only be inserted at the very bottom of an email conversation, which, in reply/forward messages, leads to growing signature pile at the end of the email conversation
  • white spaces in signatures (left when no values were pulled from empty fields in Active Directory) cannot be removed on the fly
  • images cannot be embedded in the email signature (recipients get them as attachments)

How to set up email signature in Office 365?

Setting up an email signature using Office 365 built-in features requires 2 basic steps:

  1. Prepare the email signature source code (you can use our Email Signature Generator for for Exchange Online)
  2. Set up the email signature as per this instruction

Need more advanced email signature management options?

The examples of limitations mentioned above can be removed by using software such as CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365. Keep reading to learn more about the product itself and its advantages over options offered in Office 365.

A brief comparison of Office 365 native signature options and CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365

Functionality Office 365 native signature CodeTwo Email Signatures
for Office 365

Email signatures added right under the latest reply/forward message

Office 365 is not able to identify separate emails in an email chain, so when a user sends a reply or forward message, the email signature is inserted at the very end of an email conversation. CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 always put the signature right under the latest email. 

Email signatures are inserted at the very bottom of the email chain.

Email signatures are added right under the latest email.

Email signatures added with side banners

No side banners in Office 365 native signature

CodeTwo adds side banners to emails

Convenient picker to select Active Directory placeholders 

There is no placeholder picker in Office 365.

Convenient placeholder picker in CodeTwo's editor

White spaces in the signature removed automatically 

If some fields in Active Directory are empty, your signature will display white spaces instead of certain values. The signature may look awkward at best and you may find yourself in a bit embarrassing situation.

The mobile value in Active Directory is empty what results in white spaces in the signature.

The whole line where mobile number was supposed to appear has been removed.

The signature is visible while composing an email message
100% GUI template editor

Office 365 native editor - you need to specify a signature text directly in the pure HTML code.

In Office 365, you need to compose your email signature using pure HTML code.

CodeTwo WYSIWYG template editor - no pure HTML scripting required.

With CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 you get WYSIWYG signature editor.

Logos and photos embedded in email signatures

Images in signature are not displayed by default in Outlook and OWA.

Images in Office 365 signature added from the Internet source are not displayed in Outlook or OWA by default.

Images in signature added by CodeTwo are displayed properly in Outlook and OWA..

Images and photos are embedded directly within the email body therefore displayed properly.

Support for all email clients and mobile devices


How does CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 work?

The program, during the initial configuration, sets up send and receive connectors that route all emails from your Office 365 tenant to CodeTwo Email Azure Service that resides on Microsoft Azure. 
When you send a message, CodeTwo Email Azure Service gets that message and, based on specified conditions, stamps it with the signature. Once the email has been processed, it is sent back to Office 365 tenant (no email leaves Microsoft Datacenter) and then delivered to original recipients. 
All recipients receive your emails equipped with a professionally designed signature. 

How does CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 work?


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