Central email signature management

Unify email signatures in your company

Unifying email signatures in a company can be a difficult task when you have tens, or thousands of users, using various email clients (Outlook, OWA, iPhone/iPad, Android etc). Some users may configure their signatures correctly, but others will fail to include all the necessary (e.g. contact) details, or will create a layout inconsistent with Corporate Identity, or won't paste in the required legal disclaimer that's supposed to protect the company... or will forget to set up any signature whatsoever.

See how troublesome it can be to deploy email signatures in a 250-user company without the help of CodeTwo software.

Deploying email signatures - video

The only way of eliminating these mistakes is putting one person or department in charge of all email signature management duties. How to achieve this? Well, it depends on what email system your company uses.

Problems and risks

Problem with Email Signatures

Email signatures set up by end users:

  • Lack of central management of signatures
  • Changes take time and waste resources
  • Inconsistent email signature designs (corporate identity disaster)
  • Users fail to provide legally required details
  • Signatures with incomplete and/or not up-to-date contact information
  • No control over the relationship between the company and customers
  • Marketing content not included in emails
  • And a lot of wasted potential for growing your business...


Email Signature solution

Email signatures managed centrally:

  • One person in charge of email signatures, disclaimers and banners
  • Company-wide standardization of email signatures
  • Quicker changes in design and content of email signatures
  • Ensured compliance with electronic correspondence laws
  • Easy management of corporate identity and branding in emails
  • Customer relationship building with user photos and social media
  • Emails as a marketing channel thanks to banners & promotional links
  • Professional layout of corporate electronic correspondence

Does my email platform support central email signature management?

The good news is that most companies host their electronic mail on on-premise platforms like Microsoft Exchange Server, or cloud services such as Microsoft Office 365, which come with built-in features that allow for designing and deploying email signatures centrally. Additionally, software developers like CodeTwo offer tools extending the range of native capabilities and even adding completely new ones.

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