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Positioning system and advanced processing options

CodeTwo Exchange Rules contains advanced options for footer processing and insertion, which makes it a program suitable for all organizations that can be used in multiple scenarios. These characteristics let CodeTwo Exchange Rules solve some of the most common issues related to footer management in mail messages:

  • Superb processing options

    CodeTwo Exchange Rules has advanced processing options as far as email signature insertion is concerned. Unlike the Exchange mail flow rules, you can finally have influence on where the signatures are appended to an email body. Moreover, the program can be setup to stop inserting disclaimers if they are already found in the correspondence (because they were stamped earlier) or to let users manually suppress an automatic insertion of email signatures from their mail clients. 

  • Where is the signature placed in a message?

    If you just resort to using the Mailbox role in Exchange to add disclaimers or signatures to email, you might already know that it is unable to add the footers in a predefined place in the correspondence. It always adds them at the very end of the conversation thread. CodeTwo Exchange Rules addresses this issue and lets you define weather the signature is inserted at the very end of the message or directly under a response text. 

    Disclaimer signature options

  • All international encodings supported

    CodeTwo Exchange Rules is utilized by thousands of users from over 170+ countries all over the world. It made us develop the program to be compatible with all languages and international encodings. So no matter if your signature is in English, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, Marsian or any other language, it will be properly appended to your Exchange emails. More »
    CodeTwo Exchange Rules has been developed with an international user in mind. The priority is then for the application to be able handle email messages and signatures/disclaimers in all encodings.
  • End user footer suppression for selected emails

    It is possible to create phrases in CodeTwo Exchange Rules that let individual users prevent the program from inserting automatic email signatures or disclaimers. If a user types e.g. "No-SIG" in an email's subject or body, the footer will not be appended. Naturally, the program can be configured to erase footer suppressing phrases as well. 
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  • Removing empty Active Directory variables from signatures

    Depending only on Exchange Active Directory fields insertion tool may result in leaving empty lines in your company-wide email signatures. It may happen when a placeholder is linked to an empty Active Directory field - for example, a given sender doesn't have an entry for the mobile phone no. and the auto-signature template contains the phrase "Mobile: [mobile]". Normally, it would mean an empty line gets inserted into the signature together with the preceding words. CodeTwo Exchange Rules can be configured to automatically omit that kind of lines in the signatures, which makes your company's signatures or disclaimers always look professional and properly formatted. 

  • One, two or more email signatures in one message

    If a need arises, CodeTwo Exchange Rules may add more than one email signature or disclaimer to an email. You can setup the application e.g. to add personalized signatures first and then legal disclaimer below them. It is also possible to create a detailed footer comprising two signatures - the first one containing only the most essential information about the sender, and the second one with all remaining data. The program can be configured to append two signatures in the first message and only the first, simplified signature in later correspondence.

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