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Easy customer satisfaction measurement in your email signature

Great customer service is indicated by the satisfaction of those who use it. Without a good method of measuring customer satisfaction, companies are in the dark about what their customers think. Adding one-click surveys into signatures with CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro gives you a simple and effective way of measuring and improving your services.

Most people don’t even look closely at traditional, long surveys and close them right away. One-click surveys are much different. With graphically appealing rating buttons that are automatically added below every email, rating customer service will no longer seem like a sad duty.

Key benefits:

  • Automatic customer satisfaction surveys added to all or chosen emails
  • Customizable, user-friendly design matching your visual identity
  • Increase in customer response rate
  • Real-time reports and notifications sent when certain conditions are met
  • General and detailed reports that show who performs best in your customer service
  • Increased chance to get testimonials and case studies to demonstrate on your website
Easy customer satisfaction measurement in email

You can easily integrate your CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro with the following one-click survey services: