CodeTwo Office 365 Migration

CodeTwo Office 365 Migration

Easily migrate to Office 365 (Exchange Online)

CodeTwo Office 365 Migration

How to get the license for free?

You can get this software for free by assigning CodeTwo as your Partner of Record in the Office 365 administration panel. Doing so won’t cost you anything, and it won’t have any effect on the services or support you already get from Microsoft. However, as a licensed user of our Office 365 Migration tool you will get full assistance from our technicians while migrating to Office 365, if needed. Our migration experts are there for you to assist during the migration process. If you need any help with moving your mailboxes to Office 365, simply contact us.

Note that free Office 365 plans (Education, Nonprofit Business Essentials, Nonprofit E1, etc.) are not supported in the CodeTwo Office 365 Migration free license program. Before requesting a license, please contact us in order to verify your eligibility.

Read the quick guide below to find out how to assign CodeTwo as your partner in Office 365.

1  Go to the Microsoft Online portal and log in with your administrator’s account.

6  On the welcome page find the Admin tile and click on it.

Choose admin

2  In the Admin menu located on the left hand side find Billing and then go to the Subscriptions section.

Billing subscriptions

3  You should now see the list of subscriptions you already have. Find the More actions dropdown menu on the right hand side of the panel and choose the Add partner of record option.

More actions

4  In the resulting input field provide CodeTwo Partner ID (2582478). You can verify the assignment by clicking on the Check ID button.

Add partner ID

5  Click Submit to confirm.

6 Repeat steps 4-6 for the rest of subscription packs you need the program for.

Lista nr 8  Important! After you complete the Partner assignment process, you need to let us know by filling in the License Request. The license will be sent to you by email after your request is verified. Note that it may take up to 7 days until we are able to verify your license request. The length of time depends on how fast Microsoft will pass the necessary information to us.

Request license

The number of mailboxes received

Customers filling out the License Request will be given a license for CodeTwo Office 365 Migration according to the number of users for purchased Office 365 subscriptions. Only subscriptions associated with CodeTwo as the Partner of Record will count.

Please note that migrating public folders (regardless of their number and structure) uses 25 licenses, and is not supported by the free license. If you want to also migrate public folders, please buy additional 25 licenses using the order form after you complete the 8 steps above and receive your free product license key.To learn more, contact us.

Note that shared mailboxes are licensed as standard mailboxes but are not included in the free license. In order to migrate shared mailboxes you need to purchase additional licenses. To learn more, contact us.

Eligible Office 365 plans

In general all paid Office 365 subscription purchasers whose plans include Exchange Online are eligible to get the free license for CodeTwo Office 365 Migration if CodeTwo is added as their Partner of Record. However, only Office 365 'core' subscriptions can be used. Additional Office 365 purchase options, e.g. Office 365 ProPlus or Exchange Online Archiving subscriptions will not be honored. In case of any doubts or questions about the free license program eligibility, please contact us.

Please note that subscriptions purchased in the Volume Licensing model (Office 365 Open) are not honored by our Free License program. If you own an Office 365 Open subscription you need to buy a standard license key for CodeTwo Office 365 Migration here.

Office 365 Enterprise Agreement

Customers who have purchased Office 365 by signing an Enterprise Agreement (EA) are not able to assign CodeTwo as their partner using the Office 365 online dashboard. Currently we do not offer free licenses for CodeTwo Office 365 Migration for Office 365 subscribers of that type. To get a custom quote for a license pack exceeding a number of 1000 users, please contact us directly.

Exchange Online standalone plans

Subscribers of Exchange Online standalone plans are also free to receive the license at no charge. Both Exchange Online plans (1 and 2) apply. The steps of obtaining the free license in such case are identical as in the standard Office 365 path.

Using an Office 365 trial account?

Only customers who have purchased an Office 365 subscription are eligible to obtain a license for CodeTwo Office 365 Migration using the method described above. If you’re currently using an Office 365 trial version, consider testing it with the trial version of CodeTwo Office 365 Migration. If you need any further assistance, or additional information about how the program works, contact us.

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