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A ban on after-work emails?

Published on December 01, 2014 by Paweł Krzemiński

One of the secrets of leading a happy and stress-free life is keeping personal and professional matters completely separate. When you punch out, that should be it – no more work-related stuff. This way you can recharge and clear your head, instead of stressing out about your job (thus increasing the likelihood of a burnout).... learn more »

How to start remote PowerShell session to Exchange or Office 365

Published on November 20, 2014 by Adam the 32-bit Aardvark

One of many features of the PowerShell command line tool is its ability to connect with and manage the Exchange Server remotely. The procedure described below applies to the classic on-prem Exchange server and to the Office 365/Exchange Online version. System requirements The workstation used for remote PowerShell administration must meet the following requirements: Operating […]

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