The template library group

The Template library group is currently represented by a single button on the ribbon (Fig. 1.).


If you're using CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365, the Template Library group is currently not available in the Editor. You can access templates directly from the Manage Signatures App. Learn more

Fig. 1. The Template Library group.

The group offers the following options:

  • Save as template - you can save your work as a template for future use. You will be asked to choose a folder and a name for your new template.
  • Load template - load an existing template from the Template Library into the Editor.


    The new template will replace the signature you are currently working on.

  • Browse templates - opens the Template Library window to view all existing templates.

If you save your work to the Template Library, the program will automatically save changes for the signature/disclaimer you're working on and then store it in the desired Template Library folder. The program might display a warning if signature templates are missing for one or more of the available formats (HTML/RTF/Plain Text). If you decide not to create the missing formats, the program will save only the formats you have created.

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