The View group on the ribbon (Fig. 1.) contains three buttons: Source, Preview and Guidelines.

Fig. 1. The View group on the ribbon.
  • Source - this button lets you modify the source code of the email section (e.g. a signature) you're composing and enhance it with several options (Fig. 2.).

Editor - source code view
Fig. 2. The HTML source code view.

If you are designing more than one email section (e.g. a signature and a header) in the Editor, the Source button shows the source code of the currently selected (edited) element (Fig. 3. & 4.).

Editor - source view - header
Fig. 3. The source code of the header section.

Editor - source view - signature
Fig. 4. The source code of the signature/disclaimer section.

  • Preview - use this button to preview your signature/disclaimer in the HTML, RTF and Plain Text formats (Fig. 5.). If your signature contains any Active Directory attributes (placeholders), they will be automatically filled with user information. Learn more
Editor - preview
Fig. 5. A preview of the final message with a signature.
  • Guidelines - this option is turned on by default and shows the borders between the message components, with additional options (Fig. 6.).
Fig. 6. The elements displayed when Guidelines are turned on.

When the Guidelines button is deselected, all the borders and additional options will disappear from the composition (Fig. 7.).

Fig. 7. The appearance of the Editor when Guidelines are turned off.

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