The Actions group on the ribbon (Fig. 1.) allows you to perform basic tasks, for example undo/redo any changes or cut, copy and paste content.

Fig. 1. The Actions group on the ribbon.

Apart from the above, the group also includes two dedicated buttons:

  • Save - after editing a signature or disclaimer you need to use the S​ave button to update this signature for your signature rule. Be aware that signatures are saved only locally at this point. Any changes made to your rules will be pushed to the software's services only after click the Submit changes (ESIG for O365 rule save) button in the main window of your CodeTwo product
  • Convert - this button enables you to convert your signature from one format to another. Thanks to this feature you do not have to create your signature for other formats from scratch, but convert it with one click. Due to the limitations of the RTF and Plain Text formats, after the conversion certain HTML elements like tables, images or text formatting might disappear from the signature.


Be careful when you paste the signature content from certain external applications, such as Microsoft Word. Such pasting is sometimes impossible or incomplete due to a set of additional (e.g. Office-related) HTML elements that are not an official part of any HTML specification. As a result, the final signature may look distorted when viewed in various mail clients.

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