Editor's interface

The Editor window (Fig. 1.) consists of the following parts:

  • signature format buttons (1) - they function as tabs and allow you to switch between the Editor's layouts dedicated to various message formats,
  • ribbon (2) - it contains the main Editor commands separated into several groups,
  • signature/disclaimer pane (3) - here, you can compose your signature/disclaimer, preview how it appears in a conversation and configure additional appearance options.

Editor - main parts
Fig. 1. The main parts of the Editor.

Use the links below to find out how to use all the features and commands available in the Editor.

  • Signature format - how to design a signature/disclaimer for various email formats
  • Actions - the commands available in the Actions group, for example signature format conversion
  • Template Library - how to load signatures from the Template Library and how to add existing signatures to the library


    The Template library group is not available in the Editor of CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365.

  • View - the features available in the View group
  • Font - how to edit the text inside a signature/disclaimer
  • Paragraph - signature layout options
  • Insert - how to insert pictures, tables, Active Directory placeholders and other content into a signature
  • Email layout - the commands included in this group allow you to change the layout of the signature/disclaimer pane (see Fig. 1.) and add sections (e.g. side banners) to emails
  • Additional options - other settings such as management of the signature's appearance in a conversation

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