Supported platforms and requirements

CodeTwo User Photos for Office 365 is a ClickOnce application installed on a local computer. Study the table below for details on the program requirements.

CodeTwo User Photos for Office 365
Required permissions:
  • Office 365 global admin rights
  • Office 365 plans with Exchange Online
  • 64-bit Windows, at least Vista SP2 or Windows Server 2008 SP2(*)
  • .NET 4.6 Framework
  • Any modern web browser (required only to install the program and to log in to your Office 365), for example:
    • Internet Explorer 9 (or higher)
    • Microsoft Edge 20.10240 (or higher)
    • Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera

(*) If you're installing the program on Windows Server 2016, make sure your operating system has the latest updates installed. Learn more

Other: Only user mailboxes are supported. Resource mailboxes (e.g. rooms) and shared mailboxes are currently not supported.

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