Actions Tab
CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO can initiate various actions upon messages. Actions are jobs specified by the user that will be performed on the messages. You can define one or several actions within a single rule. The actions are provided in the Actions tab separately for each rule (Fig.1.).

List of actions to choose from
Fig.1. List of actions to choose from.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO offers a wide range of actions and below you will find the links to the appropriate sections in the user manual:

Insert disclaimer/signature
Add attachment
Compress attachment
Force email format
Add recipients
Forward message
Auto respond
Modify subject
Remove keywords
Remove sensitive content
Block message
Remove themes and stationery
Rewrite sender's address
Strip/dump attachments

Remember that actions will be initiated only if the message meets the criteria specified in the Conditions tab and is not excluded from processing by Exceptions.

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