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Insert disclaimer/signature
The Insert disclaimer/signature feature in Exchange Rules PRO is used to add signatures, disclaimers as well as graphic banners to emails.

The feature can be utilized to automate and facilitate the addition of company signatures, legal notes, branding etc. to company emails without installing additional software onto the client computers. The messages are stamped by CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO directly on the server.

How it works
How to configure this action

How it works

If the rule is not activated at the server the messages will not contain a signature or disclaimer (Fig.1.). Once you configure the rule and activate it in CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO the messages that match the defined criteria (Conditions) will be stamped automatically with signatures and/or disclaimers (Fig.2.).

Message with no rule applied
Fig.1. Message with no rule applied.

Message after applying the rule
Fig.2. Message with the rule applied.

Click the following link to learn more about how to configure the Disclaimer/signature rule.

How to configure this action

To activate the action click Add in the Actions tab and select the Insert disclaimer/signature from the menu (Fig.3.).

Choose Insert disclaimer/signature in the Actions tab.
Fig.3. Choose Insert disclaimer/signature in the Actions tab.

The new action Insert disclaimer/signature will appear in the List of actions pane while the right pane will show the action properties. (Fig.4.).

Properties for Insert disclaimer/signature action.
Fig.4. Properties for Insert disclaimer/signature action.

The properties pane is used to configure the template of the signature/disclaimer/banner as well as set the way it is inserted to messages. The program will use a single template to insert the set text into emails of multiple users. To start building the template click Edit template. The Template Editor window will display (Fig.5.). This is an editor that is similar in function to Microsoft Word. Read more about using the built-in Template Editor and composing disclaimers/signatures.

Template editor window.
Fig.5. Template editor window.

The properties pane also includes the Options button. Click the button to open the options where you can decide whether the signature is added once only in a series of messages or every time a messages is replied to/forwarded (Fig.6.).

Insert disclaimer/signature options.
Fig.6. Insert disclaimer/signature options.

The options dialog box is divided into four sections: Top disclaimer, Bottom disclaimer, Left disclaimer and Right disclaimer. Each section includes the checkbox Do not insert disclaimer/signature if it is already found in the message that can be selected if you want the signature to appear once in a series of messages.

Additionally, the Bottom disclaimer section allows you to choose the location of the signature either Insert disclaimer/signature directly under the response text or Insert disclaimer/signature at the very bottom of the message.

Click OK to save the settings of the Disclaimer/Signature Options.

The window below the Edit template and Options buttons in the properties pane shows the preview of template (Fig.7.). Toggle between HTML, RTF and Plain Text to preview the signature/disclaimer in different formats.
Signature preview pane.
Fig.7. Signature preview pane.

After configuring the action in the above manner, the attachment files in messages that fit the Conditions Tab will have the disclaimer or the signature attached by CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO.

Click the following link to learn how to create the rule to suppress or force disclaimers by the end user in the email client.