Add attachment
CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO enables automated addition of attachments to messages. The attachments will be added by the program when the message is processed by Exchange Server.

This feature will prove useful for example when sending messages with information about the current promotion or information about the product. CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO will add defined file or files so the end user does not have to remember about it.

How it works
How to configure this action

How it works

Typically in order to send a message with an attachment the user needs to add it manually at the client machine (Fig.1.). If you configure and activate the Add attachment rule in CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO, the program will add the selected attachment(s) to the messages that match the defined criteria (Conditions) automatically at the server without the end user’s knowledge (Fig.2.).

Manually adding attachment to a message.
Fig.1. Manually adding attachment to a message.

Attachment automatically added to a message by CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO.
Fig.2. Attachment automatically added to a message by CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO.

Click the following link to learn more about how to configure the Automated attachment rule.

How to configure this action

To activate this action in a given rule click Add in the Actions tab and select Add attachment(s) (Fig.3.).

Selecting the Add attachment(s) action in the Actions tab..
Fig.3. Selecting Add attachment(s) in the Actions tab.

A new action named Add attachment(s) will appear in the List of actions while the right pane will show the properties (Fig.4.).

Properties pane for..
Fig.4. Properties for Add attachment(s).

The location of the attachment(s) that will be inserted to messages by CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO is provided in the properties pane. This can be done in two ways:

1. Hot Folder. By choosing this option you agree to add all attachments from a given folder to a message that meets the rule criteria. Choose Hot folder from the menu and point to a folder on a disk.

2. Defined file paths. In order to pick individual files to attach to messages choose Defined file paths and point to a file. (Fig.5.)

Choosing Defined file paths..
Fig.5. Choosing Defined file paths.

After selecting the first file to attach, you can add more files by clicking Add again. Once you define all paths to files they will appear in the list. Click Remove to remove the redundant files.(Fig.6.)

Removing files from the list..
Fig.6. Removing files from the list.

Once the above action is added to the rule, all messages that meet the criteria defined in the Conditions Tab will automatically receive the defined attachments.