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Remove themes and stationery
This action is used to remove all stationery from email messages that was initially added by end users at the client machine. The feature helps to maintain uniform look of company correspondence regardless of how end user mail clients are configured.

How it works
How to configure this action

How it works

The end users may want to use some non-standard stationery in their email (Fig.1.) but with CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO you can activate the Remove themes and stationery rule that will automatically remove this type of ornament from all messages traveling through Exchange that fit the defined criteria (Conditions) (Fig.2.).

Message with no rule applied
Fig.1. Message with no rule applied.

Message after applying the rule
Fig.2. Message if the rule is applied.

How to configure this action

To activate the action click Add in the Actions tab and select Remove themes and stationery (Fig.3.).

Choose Remove themes and stationery in the Actions tab..
Fig.3. Choose Remove themes and stationery in the Actions tab.

The new action Remove themes and stationery will appear in the List of actions while the right pane will show the action description. The action does not have any further settings.