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CodeTwo Exchange Sync enables filtering items that are scheduled for the One-Way synchronization. The filter can consist of one or multiple criteria that the synchronized item will need to meet to be included in the set of all synchronized items. Remember that if multiple criteria have been defined, the item will need to meet all to synchronize. By leaving the list filters empty, you let all items in the folders to replicate. 

To create a filter that will be used in synchronization of folders, click Add in the Item Filter section. In the dialog box that opens (Fig. 1.) configure the criteria that a given item must meet to be synchronized.

ES - Filter items.
Fig. 1. Administration panel main screen with a sample One-Way synchronization task with the highlight around filters section.

Property field is the name of the attribute that we want to check before the item is synchronized. The names of Property attributes are compliant with the names used in Microsoft Outlook. While adding the filters, the user can use a set of parameters that is directly related to the type of synchronized items (the type of synchronized folder e.g. mail, calendar, contacts).

In the Condition field you define the logical condition between the input in the Value, field and the value in the attribute of the synchronized item. 

In the Value field you define the input that will satisfy the condition selected in the Condition field for a given synchronized item. Depending on the type of attribute, the Value field can be filled with a word, date or logical variable (true/false). 

After defining the filtering criterion, it will appear on the list of active filters (Fig. 2.). 

The list of active filters for the synchronized folders.
Fig. 2. The list of active filters for the synchronized folders.

To remove a criterion, highlight it and click Remove

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