Edit the source code of your template

If you have a good knowledge of HTML, you can design and edit your HTML signature template directly in the source code. To access the HTML source code of your template, click the </> Source button on the ribbon (Fig. 1.).


If your template contains more than one email section (e.g. a signature and a header), the editor shows the source code of the currently selected (edited) section.

You can edit the source code of your HTML template.
Fig. 1. You can edit the source code of your HTML template.

In the HTML source code view, you can insert pictures, links, placeholders and other content: select a place inside the code and use one of the buttons in the Insert group to add content. The corresponding HTML code is inserted in the place you selected. See this article for guidelines on how to insert content.

You can also save the code of your signature template as an HTML file or load a signature template from an HTML file.

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