This manual refers to an old version of CodeTwo Office 365 Migration. Go here if you use the latest version.

Upgrade to version 3.x

The upgrade is free of charge for all clients who already own a valid license key for version 2.x. or 1.x. 

New clients are welcome to purchase a license key on the product’s website.


The license key version needs to match the program version. You will not be able to activate version 2.x of the program with version 3.x. license key. So, for example, if you were using a 2.x trial version of the program and now you want to purchase the license key, you first need to upgrade your program to version 3.x.

Upgrade for existing customers

To upgrade the software, you need to download the latest installer from the download page, and launch it. The upgrade wizard will guide you through the upgrade process. 


Before launching the upgrade wizard, finish all the migration jobs that you started while using version 2.x. of the program. If you start a job in version 2.x and complete it in version 3.x, some items may become duplicated in the target mailboxes.

If the wizard detects that version 2.x is already installed on your machine, the wizard will request you to uninstall it. Your 2.x settings will not be transferred to version 3.x and you will need to set up the program from scratch. However, all your 2.x settings will be stored on your local drive in case you decide to roll back to version 2.x.

Upgrade from version 1.x

You can upgrade CodeTwo Office 365 Migration from 1.x. to 3.x. The procedure is the same as when upgrading from 2.x. to 3.x. Before upgrading your instance of the program, read the information above to be sure that you know how to proceed.

Expanding the license for version 2.x or 1.x

If you need to purchase additional licenses for your current 2.x or 1.x version of the program, we recommend purchasing a 3.x license key for as many additional mailboxes as you need. Upgrade your program to version 3.x. and migrate the remaining mailboxes.

Contacting Support

In case of any issues, or if you have additional questions regarding license keys, contact the CodeTwo Support for assistance.

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