This manual refers to an old version of CodeTwo Office 365 Migration. Go here if you use the latest version.


You need to activate CodeTwo Office 365 Migration after:


You will need internet access to activate the program.

To activate the program, open CodeTwo Office 365 Migration. On the Dashboard, you will find the Help card containing the Licensing link. Click that link to open the Licensing window (Fig. 1.).

Fig. 1. Licensing details.

Activating the program for the first time

If you’re activating the program after the demo version has expired, the License key field will display the trial key that’s no longer valid. To enter the license key you received after purchasing the software, click the Activate button and paste the key in the Program activation window (Fig. 2.). Click Activate to complete the process and close that window. 

Fig. 2. Activating the program for the first time.


Be careful when starting the migration process right after the activation as the migration job that you set up in the trial version will still be present on the Jobs tab in the Administration Panel. If you instantly click Rescan, the previously migrated source mailboxes will be counted by the licensing program and will take licenses from the available pool.

Before starting or restarting the migration, make sure that the configured pairs of mailboxes / public folders are the ones that you want to migrate. If not, remove them by selecting a particular mailbox and choosing Unmatch target mailbox.

Activating the program after an upgrade

If you’re activating the program after upgrading it from 2.x to 3.x, the License key field will already contain your key. Before clicking Activate and updating your licensing, read this article

Activating the program after expanding the license

If you’re activating the program after purchasing licenses for additional mailboxes, the License key field will already contain your key. Click the Activate button to connect to our licensing system and update the number of mailboxes that you can migrate.

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