This manual refers to an old version of CodeTwo Office 365 Migration. Go here if you use the latest version.

Migration types

CodeTwo migration software supports most common migration types: cutover, staged and hybrid. Simply configure the migration job accordingly, and the program will do the rest for you. In case you're not sure which type is best suited for your needs, click the links below to learn more about the corresponding migration types:

  • Cutover migration – migrate everything in one go, usually outside of business hours. Recommended for a small volume of data.
  • Staged migration – migration is performed in two phases. Recommended when you plan a quick transition to the new environment and when the amount of data to be migrated is considerably large.
  • Hybrid migration – migration from, to, or within hybrid environments.

Each article also contains information on how to configure the migration job in order to perform a specific migration, as well as typical use cases for each migration type.

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