This manual refers to an old version of CodeTwo Backup. Go here if you use the latest version.

Upgrade to version 2.x

The upgrade is free of charge for all clients who already own a valid license key for version 1.x of CodeTwo Backup. New clients should simply purchase a new license. See the details below.

New clients

If you don't own a version 1.x license key of the software installed, you can purchase the license key on the product’s website. Once you buy the license key, simply download and install the newest available version of the program, activate the product, and start using the software.

Existing clients


All valid keys for version 1.x of CodeTwo Backup will also work with version 2.x. However, once you renew your version 1.x license key or purchase additional licenses, the changes made to this license key will only be visible in version 2.x of CodeTwo Backup. 

The upgrade process will not affect your current configuration data or jobs' progress. To upgrade the program, follow the steps below: 

  1. Download version 2.x of CodeTwo Backup directly from the program's download page. If you're currently using version 1.x of the program, you can also download the newest version of the program by clicking the Check for updates link on the Dashboard tab, on the Help card.
  2. Close the program. You don't have to stop each job separately. 
  3. Launch the setup file. The installation wizard will guide you through the upgrade process.
  4. (Optional) If your previous installation hasn't been yet licensed, use your license key to activate the product. 

Once the upgrade is finished, the program will open and all your jobs will resume as scheduled. 

Renewing the license for version 1.x

If you need to renew your CodeTwo Backup license, you will have to upgrade CodeTwo Backup to version 2.x. Changes made to your version 1.x license key will not be visible in version 1.x of the program. 


When you renew your license key for a similar (or higher) number of licenses, the licensing service will automatically assign licenses to the same objects (mailboxes and/or public folders). However, if you renew your license key for a lower number of licenses, the license usage will be reset. Once you upgrade CodeTwo Backup to version 2.x, during the next backup cycle, or when you start any backup job manually, the program will automatically assign unused licenses to those object that are included in the active backup jobs. The licenses are assigned in the same order in which these objects start being backed up in the program. If necessary, before renewing your subscription either make sure that there are no backup jobs scheduled to start or remove unnecessary objects from these jobs. 

Expanding the license for version 1.x

Licenses for version 1.x of the software are no longer available. You can buy additional licenses by using this form, but you also have to upgrade CodeTwo Backup to version 2.x.

Contacting Support

In case of any issues, or if you have additional questions regarding license keys, contact CodeTwo Customer Support for assistance.

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