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Installation process

Running CodeTwo Backup installer will install two components of the program: Backup Service and Administration Panel. The program needs to be installed using a local administrator account on any machine that meets the installation requirements. This machine also needs to be turned on at all times, as otherwise no backups will be created. Make sure that the machine on which you install the program has a stable and uninterrupted high-speed internet connection.

The table below briefly describes the two components of the program and required installation rights:

CodeTwo Backup components Purpose Installation rights

Backup Service

Executes all jobs and settings defined in the Administration Panel.

  • Local administrator

Administration Panel

Used for defining all jobs and settings of the program.

The program is installed via a typical Windows installation wizard. You need to go through all the steps that include e.g. accepting the License Agreement or selecting an installation path. If you don't have SharePoint Online Management Shell installed on the machine, the wizard will ask you whether you want to install it.


SharePoint Online Management Shell is required for backing up and restoring SharePoint data. If you choose not to install this tool now, you can always install it at a later time. To do so, either run CodeTwo Backup installer again or download SharePoint Online Management Shell installer directly from the Microsoft website

After the installation is completed, the wizard closes and the program starts automatically. Initially, the Quick tour window is displayed which allows you to learn about the main features of the program (Fig. 1.).

Backup Quick tour
Fig. 1. The Quick tour window.

See also

Supported platforms and system requirements – learn more about supported versions of Exchange and SharePoint servers and operating systems, program's hardware requirements, and necessary roles and privileges an administrator account must have to back up and restore data. The information about what data can be backed up by using the program is also included.

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