Hybrid environments

CodeTwo Active Directory Photos can be used to manage user photos in hybrid environments in which mailboxes are stored on a local (on-premises) Exchange server.


Images added via the program will be visible in Exchange Online, Azure AD and associated services (SharePoint, Skype, Outlook on the web, etc.) only if you synchronize your on-premises AD to Azure AD. You can do this via a dedicated sync application such as MS Azure AD Connect.

In mixed hybrid configurations (in which some of the mailboxes are stored on-premises, and the rest in the Office 365 cloud), the local AD admin who uses the software can manage photos only for the users that he/she has access (and Write permissions) to. To manage the remaining users' photos, our other tool, CodeTwo User Photos for Office 365, can be used.  

To manage user photos in cloud environments and other hybrid configurations, use CodeTwo User Photos for Office 365.

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